Thursday, August 30, 2007

ArtSEEN Plus First Anniversary!!

One year ago we thought of starting a supplement to ArtSEEN Journal as a solution for our constant changes on format and the difficulty it created for us to be able to sell advertisement in different sizes everytime.

That is how ArtSEEN Plus was born!!! We thought of it as an Art Guide, as a "Printed show" where artists, galleries and even art students had the chance to promote their work for really competitive prices, from first issue it inmedaitely revealed an excellent platform for artists and our biggest satisfaction was to hear that artists got invitations to show after putting an Ad in the Plus. 50% of the artists that have published in ArtSEEN once has repeated the operation so many of them have been in more than one issue in only one year!!

We went from 1000 copies to 5000 copies already in the second issue, that are distributed in major galleries as Continua in San Gimignano, Pierogi 2000 in New York, Traghetto Gallery Rome, Primo Piano in Lecce among others as fixed distributors and other galleries and institutions that asked to be listed in our calendar so it travels all over and everytime to different places.

We are pleased to announce the first Anniversary of ArtSEEN Plus, a free supplement to ArtSEEN Journal that makes possible the best art promotion and the publication of both ArtSEEN Journal and ArtSEEN Plus.

Thanks to all of you!!!

If you want to have more information on it or book a page please contact us.