Thursday, November 1, 2007

We're moving!

This team proves yet again that come hell or high water, we maintain our promise!

This is our last edition of ArtSEEN journal.
Precisely because it is our last SEEN, we felt it necessary to work even harder to bring it out to you, bearing with courage difficult moments and taking our time in order to make sure this last issue arrives complete!

As always a small surprise, all I anticipate is the format: 16 x 11 cm.

With thanks to Sandra Miranda and her work for the financial side of the publications, we are able to end ArtSEEN journal and ArtSEEN PLUS without any debts to our generous printer, Alessandro Reni of Art and Pixel.

Sandra Miranda, currently working for the Florence Biennial, will be curating publications for the Florence Biennial, as well as further curating exhibitions in Italy and abroad and pursuing her own art career.

Andrew J Smaldone, while teaching and exhibiting and living through parties (for in truth, he is a party boy!), is looking forward to have that extra minute in an hour for his beautiful paintings, and in addition, will be busy with a new art project next year.

After 14 years of living in Florence, I am moving to Zurich, Switzerland, where I will pursue the natural growth of ideas that has arisen through my work with ArtSEEN journal.
I am happy to say that I look forward to continue collaborating with the many wonderful people I have had the occasion to meet through ArtSEEN! And, yes, I will have the much desired time for my own art work too – which only living in Zurich seems to provide me (Florence is notorious for it’s parties!)

Thus we find that our collaboration as the Editorial Team needs end, to make necessary space for all the new ventures that have come to be thanks to our working together.

ArtSEEN journal will official come to a close on January 1, 2008, (say, round midnight! Worldwide), amongst joy and champagne toasts, for it has been a wonderful adventure, a learning experience, and has brought together many amazing people, their art, and their writing!

Thank you, to each individual, who has contributed to both the publications, for making this "art project in print" possible!

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